06 May 2009

The Mid-day Meal

This pic was taken on Aug 14th 2007, at Swathi’s mom’s house over lunch. We always loved sitting outside and eating under the shade of the plants. That’s Raghu, Vijay, Me, Divya and Swathi (junior) on one side and looking at me is Swathi, the so-called host of the day. And that’s chicken pulao!
Swathi’s mom is a great cook. And in her kitchen there is always enough food for an unexpected guest.

31 January 2009

Pretty & Cute

I took this picture in Ahmedabad in April 2007. The girl in the picture was selling bags and wall hangings on the street. And the kid she is holding is her sister. I found this girl so beautiful that I had to take a picture. Isn’t the little one cute?

The girl reminds me of the actress Nandita Das.

25 January 2009

Cooked In My Kitchen

This pic was taken on June 13th, 2007 in my kitchen in Hyderabad. Anil, Rachael and me were colleagues first, friends later and family forever. Anil sometimes used to get into a mood to cook. The 3 of us often spent weekends at my place cooking, drinking, eating and watching movies all night long.
Anil, in this picture is cooking chicken for dinner. And he makes amazing ‘sattu ka paratha’.

Apparently, more than just chicken cooked in my kitchen :) . Anil and Rachael have been married for more than a year now. I miss you guys. *hug hug*. And Raecch...we shall have some 'nerve soothing' moments when we meet next. Wat say?

24 January 2009

A Kodak Moment!

This was on a trip to Goa with friends (2007). Hired bikes and covered all the beaches known to man in Goa.
I was quenching my thirst with fresh cashew fruit juice and soothing my skin with the body spray. I finished more than half glass of juice in one gulp. My skin was burning from the heat and didn’t bother to stop spraying till the can got half empty. Racheal clicked this picture. I would love to go to Goa again someday, with the same gang.

By the time the trip ended we were tanned enough to look like crows.

20 January 2009

Devil & CKT!

This pic was taken on Tank Bund on his visit to Hyd in April 2007. We met after 7 years. We were surprised at how grown-up we looked from the time we had last met. I remember when I opened the door to him, I giggled like the teenager I was once when I bit his nail in a park.
He apparently skipped a heartbeat when I smiled at him in the bus-stop while going to school. A couple of year later he managed to take my breath away.
We have been associated with each other (friends, lovers at one point, confidants, philosophers, guides and more) for more than a decade now. He is married to the love of his life and me to mine. And the two of us couldn’t have been better friends.

Devil and CKT were our code names at one point.

19 January 2009

Shalini & Me

Shalini & me @ Phirangi Pani in City Center, Hyd. It was a Friday night (17-2-07) and we, on the spur of the moment decided to go for a drink. I doono how many drinks down later this pic was taken, but we definetly cldnt get 'drunk' as we had to take an auto back home.
Shalini and me were all over the place and we were pretty sure soon people would think we were a couple. If I were a man, I would have married her ;) (Shal...that's a compliment baby!) Love you and miss you :(